Why should IT Professionals buy a combined PI and PL Information Technology Liability Policy?


Mistakes, accidents and delays are risks in the IT industry. Your SME clients are likely doing all they can to minimise these, but as any broker knows, even the most careful businesses can still be hit with expensive claims.

But while the line between covering products versus services is clear-cut for many industries, this distinction is often blurry for IT professionals. Fortunately, an Information Technology Liability policy that combines the cover provided by Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability insurances might be the right solution for your clients.

“Is this a product or a service?”

From an insurance perspective, the IT field is both unique and complex. There’s a lot of potential overlap in the activities that IT professionals perform between providing products and providing services. This uncertainty could cause headaches for your SME clients.

For example, if your client designs software for their customer, have they provided them with a product or a service? A service would fall under a Professional Indemnity (PI) policy, but a product would fall under a Public & Products Liability (PL) policy. Knowing which policy covers your client may not be so simple to determine.

You can probably guess what sorts of problems this confusion might cause for your SME clients!

Why IT professionals need combined cover

A policy that combines PI and PL is an easy solution for your IT professional clients. The Information Technology Liability (ITL) products on offer through BizCover for Brokers do just this, providing your SME clients with more comprehensive cover for their occupation.

ITL helps remove the doubt and confusion that could arise from your IT clients having separate PI and PL policies and help to ensure they are fully covered in the event of a claim. Furthermore, if an SME client has separate PI and PL policies from different insurers, it could cause confusion over which policy the claim will fall under.

Combined ITL gives your SME clients in the IT industry more peace of mind and removes uncertainty from their business insurance.

Information Technology Liability for your SME clients

Combining the protections of Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability into a single Information Technology Liability product streamlines your IT clients’ business insurance needs. Your SME clients will have one easy-to-understand policy that’s designed to meet their unique needs. And come renewal time, you can quickly keep them covered through a single insurer.

The B4B platform makes it easy to quote and bind Information Technology Liability, Management Liability, or any of the five other products we have on offer with a single data entry—at the same time. Join now to start streamlining your brokerage.

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