Allied Health Combined Liability Appetite

Counselling Services

Aged & Disability Care

First Aid Trainer & Worker

Social Workers

Examples of top performing occupations:

Aged & Disability Care

Counselling Services

Teeth Whitening Technician

Coaching & Training Services

Nurse & Nursing Services

Occupation Therapy

Personal Training

Massage Therapy

Life Coach

Personal Carer

Applied Behavioural Therapy

First Aid Trainer & Worker

Social Workers

Chiropractic Services


Examples of occupations and activities we cannot cover:

Medical treatments required to be performed by a medical practitioner

Activities for which the appropriate qualification or training to perform the activity has not been obtained

What is Allied Health Combined Liability Insurance?

Allied Health Professions of Australia defines Allied Health professionals as “those who provide essential care for people of all ages including children, older people, people with chronic illness or mental ill health and those experiencing disability.”

It is a vital industry that covers a wide range of occupations from massage therapists and chiropractors to aged care workers and mental health workers. The B4B platform offers specialist Allied Health solutions that will give your clients peace of mind knowing they have the right type of insurance protection. We offer comprehensive packaged products that include Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance coverage, with the option to exclude Public Liability if not required

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